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Arche Consol Table

Arche Consol Table

With its top and three legs firmly anchored in the earth, the Arche console is the embodiment of resilience. It is solid, but not flawless.

Hand-carved from the wood of the palm tree, it bears the marks of the life of an equally resilient tree. Culminating in the sandy expanses of the Tunisian desert, it has withstood aridity, heat and limited water supplies. It carries within it the memory of the oasis in which it grew up and which it has helped to preserve. A glimmer of hope in a hostile environment.

The solid elements of this console interlock to create an innovative assembly principle for this soft wood, which is sensitive to tearing.
The three legs are first placed on the floor, then the top is placed on top of the whole to span its length.

Dimensions: 220 cm x 55 cm x 78 cm

Materials: Palmwood

Delivery Time: 8 weeks

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